Tips To Save Extra Money On Your Birthday Cake

While arranging a birthday party, becoming attentive to budget is very essential. In your special occasion, cake plays a crucial role and no one can replace its identity. One has to look for various things in a cake so that it doesn’t ruin your budget. The appearance of the cake is same but by adopting few tricks, you can easily save extra within the limits.

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To get the job done, an expert cake baker in Cambridge can help you in delivering a cost-effective centrepiece for your celebration.

Some ways that will help you in saving money on your birthday cake:

1. Prefer For Small Size: According to the guest list, you can serve your guests with one or two-tier size as it will surely save your money. For your birthday occasion, you can arrange a one-tier sized cake along with loads of buttercups if you have more than expected visitors.

2. Keep It Simple In Design : Adding sugar flowers, tiers, and an attractive piping can cost you more than your other arrangements. You must choose simple cake style and try to look for a design which gives an attractive image. If your desire is still for the piping and other appealing factors, then you can choose those which cost less.

3. Skip The Frosting : By skipping frosting on the cake, one can save extra on his birthday. Cakes without any frosting are less expensive as compared with the other flavors. One can make use of optimal filings like butter-cream or a chocolate one.

4. Use Household Resources : Instead of decorating the cake with some expensive ingredients, one can make use of household resources like candles and give sparkle on the bases. It will surely deliver a pretty cake display to visitors.

5. Hire A Popular Baker : A specialist baker can give you a number of cake designs for your occasion while an ordinary baker has a limited cake choices. It’s better to ask friends before choosing bakers. If you are looking for online cake booking services in Cambridge, then it’s better to check reviews and referrals.

Instead of spending extra on your birthday cake, make use of these simple tips to have a delivery of delicious cake within your budget.


5 Tips for Baking the Ultimate Birthday Cake

Baking Cake

A beautiful rainbow layered cake is not less than a fantasy to surprise your loved one on his/her birthday. No matter, what flavors you are choosing, every masterpiece needs to be baked with love and care. An influential and remarking birthday party is one where every guest praises about the unique and delicious cake. Baking at home is not easy and requires following the accurate recipe with the correct measurement of ingredients and flavours. In case, you don’t want to end up with a spoiled party cake, it’s advised to order one from reputed Cambridge cake shop .

To help you bake a tasty cake, here are some basic baking tips to follow:

1. Choose the right tools: If you are baking for the first time, then let us tell you that tools and dishes used in the process plays a great role in determining the correct cake shape. Once you come to know about all the tools and pieces of equipments needed, stock your kitchen to achieve a sweet success.

2. Pick the right cake mix: The correct approach for baking cakes is starting right from the scratch. If you are running short of time and doesn’t have enough of energy to start right from the first step, then boxed cake mixes is an ideal option for you. They are an affordable, convenient and easy way out for making a quick dessert. Make sure you choose the right cake mix with soft and tender breadcrumb.

3. Divide the batter evenly: The reason why bakery cakes look so stunning and flat is that expert bakers know how to even up the base and crust of the batter in a perfect manner. When trying to bake a layered cake, make sure that you add an equal amount of batter into each pan so that the height of each level remains the same.

4. Place cake in the fridge: Once you are over with the oven baking process, allow the cake to cool down. Before spreading over layers of fondant and cream, place the baked birthday cake inside the fridge to allow it to frost in a perfect manner. Since a hot bread base can melt your frosting creativity, its important to let it freeze down in a refrigerator.

5. Make better butter-cream: As soon as cooling is over, get ready to decorate your creation with the fondant and butter-cream. Since a delicious frosting is the actual turning point for an extraordinary cake, stay determined to make a tasty butter-cream which should not be much thick or thin.

These are some of the ways to bake an ultimate birthday cake. If you are really concerned to surprise your close one, gift him a delicious layered cake all designed, decorated and made by you.

Dvas Custom Cakes & Treats is a popular cake shop that bakes and delivers awesome desserts for birthday celebration, corporate event and wedding cakes in Cambridge , Waterloo, and Kitchener.

Why Cake Making Difficult For You

There’s nothing that can regulate your boredom or low feel mood, other than a delicious cake. If you are a real baker, then start baking a cake from scratch to keep yourself away from the daily troubles. A perfect cake is something that can only be achieved with regular practice. If you are not interested in baking, purchase a tasty cake from a custom cake shop in Cambridge that can make your day. Most of the times, even experienced bakers tend to make silly mistakes that not only ruins the cake design, but also affect its flavor.

Here are some mistakes people usually make while preparing a cake:

1. Picking The Wrong Pan: One of the commonly done mistake that can cause problem with the base of the cake design is picking the wrong pan. Using a single and common use pan can’t fulfill the baking requirements properly. Therefore, understand the purpose of a pan and select the appropriate one.

2. Not Serious About Measurement: Baking requires utmost concentration and precision, especially when it comes to adding ingredients. There is no possibility for getting your eyeballs away for even a second. For baking a perfect cake, don’t just assume the ratio of ingredients with cups and spoons, instead measure them accurately up to the mark.

3. Mixing Too Long Or Too Little: Batter is an important component that is generally the mixture of all other ingredients that are required to bring a perfect flavor. Mixing your batter is not an easy feat, as one needs to mix all the ingredients properly, not for too long or too short. The right mixing ensure a consistent taste and a perfect fondant.

4. Skipping Pan Greasing & Flouring: One may think that he/she is preparing a healthy cake without greasing and flouring the pan. For the sake of saving time, people often skip this crucial step that leaves a huge impact on the end product. If you want to keep the base and siding of a cake consistent and smooth, grease and flour the baking pan.

5. Holding On The Air Bubbles: If the batter and the fondant is holding too many air bubbles, it can cause holes and cracks on the cake. Focus on achieving a smooth batter that can be reached by tapping the pan on the counter several times before putting it inside the oven.

These are the few mistakes that most of the bakers make while baking a delicious birthday cake. Dvas Custom Cakes & Treats is a leading cake shop in Cambridge that bakes awesome wedding cakes, birthday & corporate cakes among other occasional cupcake treats.

5 Best Chocolate Cakes For This Valentine Day

p_101541000Cake is a must order party piece of every special occasion, no matter, it’s a birthday, wedding, baptism or some corporate promotion. There are many cake varieties, designs and flavors available at a custom cake shop in Cambridge and choosing one out of them is a daunting task.

Whenever you visit a reputed baker and ask him to bake a chocolate cake, he’ll ask you about the sub variety, flavors, design and ingredients you want in the cake. To make an easy choice one should be aware of the various categories of popular cakes and flavors.

Few of the chocolate cakes are:

1. Simple Chocolate: Simple chocolate cake is one of the most liked flavor that is made of melted chocolate and cocoa powder. Chocolate is something that can make almost anything taste awesome. Since the passion for chocolaty taste crosses all ages and cultures, one should opt for it, in case, he doesn’t have any idea about the personal tastes of an individual.

2. Chocolate Truffle: These cakes are beautifully crafted and are similar to the looks of a truffle, therefore called chocolate truffle cakes. They are also one of the most ordered valentine day cakes. With layers of dark chocolate in whipped cream, they can bring alive a mouth watering taste.

3. Chocolate Hazelnut: This category is liked by almost all age groups. It is topped with hazelnut bits that enhances the flavor and fragrance of the cake. Chocolate and hazelnut combination is the doorstep to a simple, yet delicious cake. It is one of the luscious and super chocolaty category that is often baked for birthdays.

4. Chocolate Almond: This unique cake is rich in beauty and finish. It is made from the combination of melted chocolate, almond and sugary ingredients. Soft chocolate with thin almond garnishing offers a delicious taste. This cake emits the looks of spongy chocolate bread with a crunchy texture.

5. Chocolate Charlotte: This cake can come up as a perfect sweet that is both tasty and light. Charlotte is a type of dessert that can be served both hot or cold. It is also known as icebox cake. When baked with chocolate as a base, it can turn out to be a delicate corporate party cake.

These were the few chocolate cake varieties that can be baked on any special occasion. Dvas Custom Cakes & Treats is a reputed cake bakery in Cambridge that bakes and delivers delicious cakes for weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and other special occasions.

How To Order Cake For Corporate Events !!

fb193a7aa5f3555e05e80ae0574dc240If your company is the one that celebrates every festival and corporate occasion, then ordering an online cake can turn out to be a significant surprise. A cake can offer a perfect touch to any event, such as client meetings, gala’s, anniversary parties or an end-of-the-year corporate event. Throwing a cake party can come up to be refreshing way of celebration.

Since companies are meant to work, rather than partying, it’s not ideal to order cakes for specific or personal events. Buying a cake is always troublesome, especially for a company party, as one has to make a choice from beautiful and stunning varieties. For best quality cakes in Cambridge, its advised to place an order from a reputed cake shop.


Few tips to buy an official party cake are:

1. Know about the count of people attending event: The foremost question a Cambridge baker will ask is about the weight and size of the cake. This greatly depends on the number of people coming in the party. Though its bit difficult to make an exact judgment, tell the baker about the rough idea of the gathering. Knowing the count of guests will help a bakery owner in judging the amount of ingredients required, and similarly the cost involved.

2. Understand the event purpose: Know exactly about the purpose of event, since it highly influences the cake design and flavor. If the party is a small get together within the employees, go for unique and youthful designs. In case, the company heads and outer delegates are invited for the party, go for elegant corporate cakes in Cambridge. In short, this means that the culture and environment of an office have a lasting impact on the cake theme and flavor.

3. Order online or in well advance: Cake bakeries are always full of customers, depending on the degree of delicious cakes and cupcakes they bake. To prevent any late delivery, its crucial to place an order well before the advent of the event. This will not only help in getting a timely delivery, but also the right flavors and designs, as the baker will get enough time to bake perfectly. Last minute custom designed cake orders for large events can risk the image of a company and its employees.

4. Choose a great cake design: A well decorated cake with luxurious looks that blend with the decorations of a venue can bring marvelous benefits to the company image. Since client parties are meant to impress them, getting an elegant cake can do wonders. Try to invoke a corporate message on the cake like ‘Thank you for your hard work or ‘it’s been a great year’ etc.

These were the few tips one should think of before ordering a corporate event cake. Dvas Custom Cakes & Treats is a popular cake shop in Cambridge that offers custom cake designs and out-of-the-world flavors for all birthday, wedding, corporate and other occasion cakes.

How To Buy A Cake Within Budget

maxresdefaultThe best thing one needs to do, before going at a cake shop, is deciding the budget and flavor choices. Be frank with yourself and choose the style and size that you can afford. If you are on a limited budget, then it’s important to get the best value out of it. Though one have to limit his mind and dreams to just a simple design, a great taste can overcome all the limitations of a tiny treat.

Never comprise with quality of cake, in regard to its size. Its advised to select a reputed custom cake shop in Cambridge to buy the best-in-flavor birthday cakes. To have a delicious birthday cake in a budget, follow some basic buying tips.

1. Understand how the cakes are priced: One of the important thing is to know and understand the way a beautiful design scheme affects the cake price. The price for a specific style is calculated, not only by its weight, materials and size, but also on the degree of complicated design. Therefore, if one wants to keep the cost down, simplify the cake design as much as possible.

2. Value vs. Price: Cake decoration is a rare craft, and this is what a cake is all for. We just pay for its beauty, rather than the inner flavors. For passionate cake bakers, money doesn’t matter much as the amount they charge is still less, compared to the dedication and concentration involved. In case, you are receiving a very cheap price for a well decorated cake, the reason may be:

a) Less time is spent on decoration
b) Cheaper ingredients are used
c) Bakers are inexperienced

3. Follow tricks to make a cake look expensive: If you are looking to get a bang for your buck, go with a custom cake shop in Cambridge to ensure that your cake is both tasty and perfectly iced. Try to decorate it for luxurious looks with a pair of fresh flowers. Its recommended choosing height over other minor details. People gathered in a party often forgets the cake design, but remember its height.

4. Serve your cake as dessert: To do justice with the cost of a cake, divide it to the ratio of number of guests. This will help in saving the money that may get invested for ordering a dessert. Don’t sacrifice the flavors for a few dollars. Great tasting cakes are the result of quality ingredients and years of baking experience.

These were the few things to keep in mind, before deciding to buy a cake within budget. Dvas Custom Cakes & Treats is a premiers cake boutique in Cambridge that bakes delicious cakes and cupcakes for all occasions.